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Software Integration

Ricston offers both ready made connectors and tailor made solutions for your software integration projects. We have a deep expertise in integration with Mule Enterprise Service Bus, specialising on databases, CRM & enterprise systems and big data. Read more…


Training and Certification in Mule ESB

Ricston has been delivering Mule ESB training on a regular basis since day one. Our trainers are also experienced Mule consultants that can share ‘real-world’ knowledge of implementing Mule globally. Upon successfully completing Mule training delivered by Ricston one can be officially certified by MuleSoft. Read more…


Enterprise Development

Ricston can be trusted with the most ambitious software projects whenever you seek to outsource development, or reinforce your team with advanced expertise. Onsite and nearshore teams ensure sync with your goals, clean communication and knowledge share. Read more…



Keeping Clients Happy

We evaluate each task to make sure we deliver not only lean and feasible but also cost efficient results. We are not tied to existing solutions and are always happy to think-out-of the box and create tailor-made solutions for our Clients. We set our bar high and work towards delivering even more than promised. Read more...


Integration professionals and open source enthusiasts

Open Source Since Birth

Ricston was established in 2006 by Peter Delia and Ross Mason – founder of the Mule ESB project and Mulesoft. The idea of an open source ESB software application became core to this new business. With constant growth of the Company and the involvement of new partners and associates it has prospered and tackled new business areas in response to market trends


Integration as a Passion

A combination of the best available Mule consultants, years of experience in developing enterprise solutions using Mule and a close relationship with MuleSoft have shaped Ricston into the leading services provider for Mule in the industry.

Best People for the Job

We have a tight-knit team of professionals and more than 10 years of experience in software development and integration projects. Our people receive regular training to keep up with latest developments. That is why our Clients can be confident they have the best people for the job.


Deep Industry Expertise

Ricston expertise is built upon more than 300 successful projects delivered to Clients all over the world. Continuous cooperation with Clients and Partners determines our deep understanding of the specific needs and problems of each industry.



We Collaborate and Elaborate

Gaining access to a vast network of partners all over the world – is one the of the advantages when working with Ricston. We work with companies that provide lead technologies and could enforce our internal expertise engaging top-talents in wide range of fields. No matter how complex or specific project is – one can be sure we have resources to deliver it from the beginning to the very end. Read more…


Configuring HTTPS in Mule 3.6+

In an earlier post, we showed how to configure an HTTPS client and server flows in Mule. That post remains valid when using the ‘old’ HTTP connector, but this has now been deprecated in Mule 3.6+. Configuring HTTPS using the new listener and requester in...

Using Mule with Brooklyn

Intro In this post we look at Apache Brooklyn, a framework for modelling, monitoring and managing applications. At a high level, when using Brooklyn you describe the components your application consists of, and on which machines these components execute. You can also...

Overriding the Message Requester in Mule

When working with the SFTP/FTP connectors in Mule, it may be necessary to override the connector in order to implement your custom logic. This might be useful when the order of files to be processed is important for instance. For example, consider that in your file...

Mule Collection Aggregator Example

A common pattern used in ESB applications is to aggregate related messages and perform some processing on the collection, for example to persist these to a database as fast as possible. One way to do this in Mule is to use the aggregator pattern in a flow where...

JPA example in Mule

This blog post explains how an existing Mule-JPA example is updated to work in Mule 3.6.1. The example shows how to create a simple RESTful API in Mule using a Jersey component in a Mule flow. Perhaps the main contribution of this example is to demonstrate how to...

Making Mule's Scatter Gather Lenient

A common challenge we face is how to retrieve results from several services at the same time and bring everything into a single canonical object using Mule. As you might already know, Mule offers the Scatter-Gather router (released in version 3.5.0), which is...
Ricston News, July 2015

Ricston News, July 2015

From initially being a Startup engaged in development of training materials and then growing into a Professional Integration Services Company with more than 30 employees and associates – it has been an exciting journey. 2015 is a year of change for Ricston, we...

Ricston Photoshoot

Wondering what we look like? Recently the Ricston team decided to have a photoshoot at the office to give people a face to go with the name of one of the member’s of Ricston’s team. Head over to our Ricston team page and get a closer look at who you’re working with....


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