Software Integration

Software integration improves performance of your business

Imagine that all of your business applications, databases, desktop and mobile interfaces are connected, exchanging, aggregating and analysing data instantly. How would it change your business? Will it raise efficiency, give valuable insights, facilitate better business decisions and enable new offerings and revenue streams? Software integration and connectivity – is a technological solution that brings immediate business benefits.

Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

Implementation of so called Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) – is a first step of efficient software integration, it frees your organisation from repetitive data entries, slow synchronisation and duplicated efforts that demotivate your team and change your growing business into a systematic bureaucracy.

It also allows you not retire & replace working solutions just because they are older, but rather to integrate legacy systems so that they can be used in new, innovative ways.

API-led Connectivity

API-led connectivity in turn, transforms your business as a whole, it makes it more flexible, agile, adaptive and lightweight. The key here is a  composable integration architecture with underlying connectivity and orchestration services, based on discoverable and reusable application programming interfaces or APIs.

Software integration is not a backend service anymore – customers and partners are willing to use multiple devices and apps to access your services. That is where an API-led connectivity approach creates additional value, by enabling governed access to your business systems, opening new monetazation channels, delivering real-time customer analytics and more.

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Ricston can map out your journey through an assessment which will review your current landscape in conjunction with you planned requirements, and assess the benefits of taking an API-led approach to your journey showing you how you will be able to achieve your objectives. Our experience and expertise will be able to identify the best way to proceed, with a roadmap and prioritisation matrix to help you assess the next steps and phases required to make this a success.

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Digital Transformation

Business challenges put high demand on IT systems and create an IT Delivery Gap. To cross this gap organisations have to embark on a Digital Transformation Journey.

Legacy Modernisation

Get the edge

  • Decouple from backend systems
  • Reduce IT debt
  • Integrate legacy systems
  • Use legacy systems in new, innovative ways

Insightful Connectivity

Reinvent your business

  • Get a 360’ view of your customer
  • Know your ROI
  • Create new experiences
  • Utilise API’s to build for the future

Connectivity Fabric

Innovate faster

  • Unified governance across multiple systems, technologies and interfaces
  • Intelligent information management
  • Enablement of Omnichannel delivery
  • Open API’s

Composable Enterprise

Remove Boundaries

  • Self service IT
  • C4E
  • Composability and connectivity beyond boundaries


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