Accelerate Your Digital Journey with Mule 4 and C4E

MuleSoft has recently announced a crowd release of Mule 4.0 - the latest iteration of the Mule runtime engine. Mule 4 innovatively delivers a vastly more powerful all-purpose engine for building application networks, while retaining everything users of Mule 3 loved - its lightweight, runtime, and extensibility.

Centre for Enablement (C4E) - a new operating model (video)

Video interview with Kevin Jervis - Senior Solutions Architect

Our approach to Continuous Delivery (video demo)

Equipped with a short video, Ricston are proud to demonstrate how our Continuous Delivery framework is helping customers to accelerate test and release cycles using Behaviour Driven Development, automated Integration Testing and Containerised Infrastructure.

Drive Your Business Speed of Change with API's

Those who can adapt and embrace change will define the generation

Ricston Blog – is a great resource, where Ricston consultants share knowledge around Mule, MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, Java and open source technologies.

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Friday, May 11th, 2018

Dependency Injection is a difficult concept to understand. If you are tired of seeing dependency, injection or dagger, or just see random words everywhere then you have just arrived at the correct article. First let's define what dependency and injection means. Dependency and Injection Dependency means to depend and Injection means to inject something into something else. Easy, then when you combine both it becomes Dependency Injection meaning that you more »

Monday, April 16th, 2018

Following the announcement of Salesforce’s acquisition of MuleSoft (pending deal closure), Salesforce were quick to announce that MuleSoft’s first class integration and connectivity capabilities will underpin a new Integration Cloud platform capability. There is no doubt the Salesforce platform has revolutionised approaches to customer engagement experiences and the sales management lifecycle.  Yet, part of the reason for the acquisition stems from the recognition that, while “every digital transformation starts and more »

Thursday, March 22nd, 2018

Introduction Mule's SFTP connector allows you to download and upload files from/to an SFTP server. In most cases the SFTP transport does a pretty good job, however things start to get a bit tricky when you want to target a requirement which Mule does not support OOTB, such as: Downloading a file mid-flow based on some criteria already present in your Mule message Downloading files in a particular order (future more »

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Introduction It is generally understood that a Mule ESB cluster makes sure that only the primary node polls for external resources. This typically only applies to polling transports or connectors - other transports or connectors are event driven and wait for incoming messages. However, there are some exceptions where polling transports act in an active-active fashion, where all nodes in the cluster poll for resources on a single data source. more »

Monday, December 18th, 2017

In this article we show how to use the request-reply component to collect data from an asynchronous reply. Overview While working with APIs based on HTTP Restful services, the common pattern is to send a request and get a reply. At the end, this is what we are looking for. But, what would happen if suddenly this is not the scenario that we have to implement. What would happen if more »

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