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Docker containers and Micro-SDNs for Microservices

Posted on: April 25, 2016
Anastasiia Linnas

Increasing the pace of software delivery is now a competitive necessity for many organizations in a way that it wasn’t just a few years ago. Hotel groups, for example, now care about faster software delivery to stay ahead of rapidly improving online and mobile booking competition from the likes of AirBnB. The same is true across many other segments, such as retail, transportation and banking.

Microservices Enabling Technology

Software containers (and Docker in particular) have come along at just the right time to be an enabling technology for this, as organizations seek to emulate the “large numbers of small teams” approach to software development used by the big brands like Google, Facebook and Amazon. The generally accepted term for this is “microservices” – breaking down big software into smaller cooperating chunks.

But the ripple effects don’t stop there: Microservices built on containers has led to the emergence of a new kind of networking technology: “Micro SDNs”.

Advantages of Micro-SDN

Riding on top of existing SDNs and traditional networks, these micro networks seek to make it simpler for developers to create, test and deploy containers and microservices.

They are 100% programmable by the software itself, so that the software can deploy itself correctly every time vs. relying on manual configuration steps. This also reduces errors and reduces cycle times, allowing teams to iterate more quickly on new software capabilities to compete effectively.


Weaveworks Micro SDN Solution

Weaveworks’ Weave Net is the most popular networking solution for Docker containers and is at the forefront of these new containerized deployments. Weave Net delivers a container-level Micro SDN that is not only simple to use for software developers, but also highly robust and reliable in production. It is used by International Securities Exchange (ISE) to carry market data feeds to its containerized “Anywhere Exchange” – offering full geographic disaster recovery as standard (Read more).

container view

Weave Net is the only container networking solution that works like the Internet, with no centralized database dependency. Instead, Weave Net routers exchange updates to learn connectivity – just like the Internet – and so can withstand reboots, link failures and hardware failures. And it is the only container networking solution to handle multicast traffic used in financial services applications, even if the underlying network doesn’t support multicast.

Weave Net also works with Weave Scope, which shows you a live map of your hosts (servers), containers and processes, and the communications between them.

Mathew Lodge

Learn more about Container technologies and Weave Net on our partner’s website.

Anastasiia Linnas


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