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Laying the Groundwork for your Digital Transformation Journey

Posted on: September 5, 2017

Speed and agility have become defining factors of business competitiveness. Startups across different industries are proving each day that the big don’t eat the small anymore, but the fast outpace the slow. This is why Digital Transformation has become the number one priority for established market players and they are heavily investing in technologies, such as MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform, to gain a competitive edge. How can this investment prove to be successful and ensure that you achieve your business objectives?

Your budget approved, subscription purchased, what’s next?

MuleSoft have done a great job at reducing the complexity of the Anypoint Platform, but your company and your team will still need guidance. While training is a crucial step in the process, a few days of it aren’t enough to architect sustainable solutions that can be built upon and evolve in-line with your business goals.

MuleSoft, primarily a software vendor do offer a range of services around the Anypoint Platform which could help you get going, similar to a Rapid Start Program, but if your goal is to build a fully functioning in-house Mule team – that might not be enough.

Ricston have been a training and services partner of MuleSoft for over a decade; our sole focus is in the integration and connectivity space and we have delivered more than 300 projects over the years. In our practise, we have often encountered or been approached by companies who, for some reason or another, opted to purchase the subscription without any services, or outsourced initial architecture and projects to remote off-shore companies, and what we’ve learnt is that usually this approach doesn’t end well and results in even more money being spent to fix what’s been done. This is the reason for creating the API Foundation Programme service offering.

The Ricston API Foundation Program has been developed as a best practice to establish a baseline API-led integration capability for customers adopting the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. The program provides seamless on-boarding of the technology and establishes a framework to ensure successful adoption. It is used to prioritise and showcase the baseline platform and deliver a tangible benefit to the business through better alignment and communication of capabilities and requirements.

Your company will benefit from our API-Foundation offering if:

  • You have settled on using MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform and API-led connectivity approach;
  • There are a number of queued projects and objectives that will be addressed by this technology;
  • You would like to build internal capabilities and enable your team or see the full potential of the platform and make a decision in favour or against outsourcing;
  • You have initial implementations, but you are not happy with the architecture or performance and would like to adopt best practice approach;
  • You have been using Mule as an ESB and would like to level up to API-led connectivity.

We firmly believe that this programme is what is needed to enable companies to get started with their Digital Transformation journey while following best practices and avoiding any costly decisions. Irrespective of whether you have already bought a subscription or not, we urge you to have a brief chat with one of our team to gain a better understanding of our approach and expertise.



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