Bunya Stream API

Cost Effective Messaging Platform as a Service

In today’s world communication has become an integral and critical part of everyone’s life, much of it via messaging. Formerly SMS was our primary means of messaging our contacts; now it is increasingly done through apps and social media. The main objective is to connect, identify and interact with people.

BUNYA STREAM – is a messaging platform, developed by Ricston’s partner – Hyderu, it is designed for organisations that require an API-driven and cost effective messaging solution. Bunya Stream API may be leveraged to integrate Stream with server-side back-end operations and incorporate messaging into client-side apps. One can interface Stream directly with corporate ERP or CRM, as well as run it on any browser and OS available on the market.

One of the main advantages of Bunya Stream – is significant monthly savings on messaging and communication costs for delivering service tokens, notifications, updates and marketing information.

Using Stream companies also get advantage of fast messaging and access to any data from backend systems, databases, and other applications, while tracking, managing and analyzing usage for their digital marketing.

Bunya Stream in a nutshell

  • A messaging API, which saves on the monthly messaging and communication costs, especially when messaging is part of a core business process.
  • Designed in a modular way to allow organisations to connect and make use of it in a manner that best suits their need while minimising implementation costs.
  • Doubling the amount of text you usually get via sms messaging on a half price thus delivering a higher ROI than standard messaging systems.
  • Messages can be sent to both an individual client or a cohort (bulk messaging).
  • Enables delivering messages to an already owned developed mobile application.
  • Enable delivering attachments in messages such as images, videos or links.

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