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4 reasons to kick-off your IT career with Ricston

Posted on: September 17, 2018

As a growing IT company we are constantly looking for new talent in Malta. We know only too well that qualified IT resources are very precious and scarce on the island. That is why over the years we have developed an intense and fun internship program for promising ICT students, who are interested in the latest technologies and enterprise systems.

It is said that the best advertising is by word-of-mouth, so we thought we would encourage students who are currently undergoing or have already completed their internships at Ricston to speak for themselves and share their experiences and impressions.

Meet our (ex)students:

Christian | 3rd-year student, Computing Science

Dylan | 3rd-year student, Artificial Intelligence

Gabriel | 3rd-year student, Computing Science

Denise | Junior Java Developer and Integration Consultant @ Ricston, Computing Science graduate

Ryan | 3rd-year student, Software Development

Why Ricston?


ICT students know well; juggling university studies with a job can be a real challenge.

At Ricston, our people are at the heart of everything we do. That’s why we believe in supporting the professional and personal development of our employees from the very start of their journey.

How can we make your life easier if you are ambitious enough to work during your university years? We think it’s about building trust and allowing for flexibility.

Ryan: Each year there are around 50-100 students that graduate at ICT and this is not enough for the growing industry. That’s why IT companies compete for students’ attention in various ways. For example, I know that some offer free lunch and gym memberships for their employees. Some, like Ricston, offer flexible working hours.

Denise: I remember when I went to talk with the Ricston team on their stand at the university expo. I liked the fact that they are still a small company so I thought it could be my chance to grow and evolve together with them. On top of that, there was another factor; I used to live in Gozo back then, so I used to go there during the weekends. They offered me flexible hours, so I could work at Uni or from home. I found this offer pretty unique.

Gabriel: I always have the option to stop working completely during my study-time and to return to Ricston the following summer. I can also choose to work part-time after my studies; let’s say I have passed my exams and have ten “free” hours during the week, I can come to work and there will always be something to do there.


We are committed to creating the kind of work environment that encourages fairness, teamwork and cooperation among all employees, so that people of diverse backgrounds and lifestyles can grow personally and professionally. That collaboration of different cultures, ideas and approaches creates an environment in which our people can thrive and teams – succeed.

At the moment, we have 27 people at our Malta HQ. Among us, there are 9 different nationalities, we speak 14 different languages and, not to forget, 95 programming languages! Finally, we have one shared love for new technologies and geeky things (and cakes!).

Gabriel: I find the environment here professional and relaxing which makes it easier for me to focus on my tasks and to learn as well. Even when we are facing the deadlines, quality is always the priority. Our projects are not like fast food, but just the opposite. We always find time to stop and make sure that everything is as we need it to be.

Denise: I have seniors that mentor me and help me out with my projects, overview my work, tell me what steps I should take next. But on the other hand, the team is really open to discussions and other opinions, so I feel like a valuable team member as well. I have all the resources I need to complete a project and grow.
Here at Ricston, you are never on your own. Even if your position is the highest in the company, you always have the team around you and you always ask their opinion and advice because you cannot know everything.

Ryan: Since Ricston isn’t a large company, it feels like a family. Everyone knows each other and the employee is not just a number here.


We invest in long-term training of our team members. This is how we’ve built our solid reputation of fulfilling the promise to our clients to only provide experts and leading technical knowledge in the field.

The tech industry is changing and advancing every day and we must continually grow and build experience to be successful. Thus, we also encourage knowledge sharing among our team members. (Some say that Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V have saved more lives than Batman and Robin.)

Dylan: I wanted to find a job so I would extend my resources of learning. I think that at the end of the day Uni is not enough, you will learn the most from your job. I am really excited that we are already learning some new technologies here at Ricston that I didn’t have an opportunity to learn at my Uni.

Chris: At Uni, we don’t learn Mule and some other technologies that we use here at Ricston. So it was all very new at the beginning. But I think that learning and working with MuleSoft’s technology is not something to be afraid of – it’s something to be excited about because if there are not many people that know how to do it here in Malta, your skills will be very precious. I see it as my future competitive advantage. Here at Ricston, I can learn something more, something above that I can learn at university.

Dylan: Since we were pretty fluent in Java, Mule was not that hard to get. We had a really good mentor here that helped us to understand it by getting to know more about Java and Spring, as Mule is based on these two. Now we are learning how to work with Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform, Github, Sonarqube.

Ryan: University is not enough, you cannot expect to find a job where you won’t have to learn anymore. I would say that the University teaches only from A to F. What’s left, from F to Z, you will only learn while working in the industry.


There is no such thing as; ‘bring me coffee’, ‘just watch me and listen’, or made-up tasks just to keep one busy. From the very moment that someone becomes a part of our team we will rely on that person, trust and expect him/her to deliver.

No rocket science during your first summer though, don’t worry!

Chris: Some other IT-related jobs give students fake tasks to play around with. Over here I am doing something which is actually usable and it really keeps me curious. As I am now working on an integration project for marketing, it is really interesting for me to see how the business will use an app that I’ve built and why.

Denise: I feel that I do a really cool job here. We are developing things for large companies and make valuable projects. It is a good place to express myself.

Chris: It was pretty scary to start working on my first project that I was assigned to. I understood that now this is the real thing and if I will mess up on this, I will mess up everybody else’s work. They really trust us here. But what I feel over here is that you can ask anyone and they will do their best to help you.

OH! AND ONE EXTRA REASON: There is this famous fact about Malta; 300 days of sunshine a year. Nice. But hold on for this one; at Ricston, we also have 300 days of cakes. Seriously! Okay, might not be 300 in reality. But once or twice a week for sure! Between the greatest lines of our codes, there’s always an invisible hero – a cake – hiding. 🙂

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