Api-led connectivity and importance of reusable assets creation

There is no doubt that the use of API’s (Application Programming Interface) is on the rise, with Gartner, Forbes and others putting API’s in the centre of digital transformation and talking about API economy on a large scale. Organisations are increasingly relying on API’s for internal and external integrations, however many overlook the fact that API’s are not simply technical tools, but actually constitute digital assets of the company. What is API-led connectivity? An API isn’t a new technology as such, however the application of an API-led connectivity approach to software architecture and notions of reusability are innovative. According to MuleSoft’s methodology – API-led connectivity is a methodical way to connect data to applications through reusable and purposeful APIs. An API-led connectivity approach promotes the identification, publication and discovery of companies’ digital assets – API’s and microservices – to enable higher degrees of reuse. It implies that API’s become primary … Continue reading Api-led connectivity and importance of reusable assets creation