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We asked 9 people from our Mule team to share their experiences. Part 2 – working at Ricston

Posted on: February 20, 2019

What makes Ricston a great place to work as an integration consultant?

When preparing to write this article, we organised a series of interviews across several offices and the response from the team was so enthusiastic that we decided to split the article into two parts; first part – focusing on the essence of Integration Consultant work and the second – addressing the specifics of working at Ricston. In particular, our culture and work environment.

We hope that you have already read the first part “Being an integration consultant”, but if not – go check it out! And if you know by now that this job is a good fit for you…well, continue reading to find out whether Ricston is. 🙂

Ricston team

Ricston was founded by Peter Delia and Ross Mason (the Mulesoft founder) back in 2006 with the focus on developing training collateral and to deliver services around Mule. Since then we’ve expanded our range of services and become one of the most experienced specialised MuleSoft partners.

But what we are most proud of, is our international team, which is made up of some of the most knowledgeable minds in the API-led connectivity and integration business.

Terry, Country Manager, United Kingdom

“Ricston is getting more and more recognised for its quality staff and quality delivery capability. The result is that Ricston is attracting interest from people who want to join us, and companies who want us to deliver solutions to them.”

TERRY, Country Manager, United Kingdom

Over the years, as the organisation has grown, we’ve been dedicated to retaining our work culture; flexibility, open communication and flat level structure. We make a point of understanding the ambitions of each individual, because we realise that not everyone fits neatly into one box.

Our training and development programme has a proven track record of creating some of the best Integration Consultants and Developers, recognised by MuleSoft and our diverse client group as experts in the field.

All tech careers at Ricston start with the same first two steps. Depending on your level of skill and experience when you join the team, you either start as a Junior Integration Consultant/Developer or as an Integration Consultant/Developer. Then, everyone in the technical team has the same opportunity of following a variety of career paths based on their particular skills set and personal aims.

Erika, Human Resources Manager

“We put a lot of time into creating a number of career paths that not only align with business goals but give our team members options that suit their skills set and creative ambitions.”

ERIKA, Human Resources Manager


But it is not only training and professional/personal growth that attracts talent to Ricston, it’s a promise; that you won’t be “just a number”.

Max, Integration Consultant

“I’ve come from a large organisation where it was harder to have my voice heard, it is great to be somewhere where everybody knows who I am and vice versa. Being a consultant at Ricston necessitates the adoption of many soft skills, skills that I may be shielded from needing being a young person in a large single-product dev org.

My career goals here at Ricston are firstly (as a relatively new joiner) to continue my growth and education both in Mule and consultancy. Then my goal for the near future is to embark on an integrations architecture route.”

MAX, Integration Consultant, United Kingdom

Indeed, unlike big consultancy firms and SI’s, Ricston organisational structure doesn’t have lots of different hierarchical levels; thus each and every person finds their own individual way to contribute and make a difference in the overall organisation.

Sam, Integration Consultant

“Ricston is a quite small company so you get to know every person. Being a small and close team, you can become involved with many of the company’s internal initiatives, such as internal integration projects, recruitment and business development.”

SAM, Integration Consultant, United Kingdom

All our employees have the opportunity to actively contribute to the company’s growth, like Justin – Ricston’s “old-timer”, points out:

Justin, Principle Integration Consultant

“Ricston is very dynamic. I joined the team in 2012 and many things have changed since then. Things are more challenging, more fast-paced, the company has doubled in size, with a broader spectrum of tech skills.

Apart from consulting work we now dedicate time to the internal ‘Centre for Enablement’. For instance, recently I’ve been involved in an infrastructure rollout project with Ansible, CI/CD Jenkins templates and the auditing framework which I helped design.”

JUSTIN, Principle Integration Consultant, Malta

Of course, “startup-like” cultures come with a set of challenges, and everyone has to be ready to react and adapt fast to the changes, manage their time effectively and find their own recipes for success. Senior consultant Clare, who currently leads a team of 5 on an international project, has an advice to share:

Clare, Senior Integration Consultant

“Sometimes finding the perfect balance between the client’s projects and internal ones is not easy. You need to learn how to focus on one thing at a time, prioritize your tasks and delegate.

Some days you end up working long hours, but since Ricston is very flexible, you can do 10 hours today and 6 hours tomorrow. With Ricston I’ve never had a problem with that and that’s why I love working here.”

CLARE, Senior Integration Consultant, Malta

At Ricston, there are various work/life balance incentives, including flexible hours and the possibility to work from home, and even if it’s for just a few days a week, it makes a big difference and is highly appreciated by our team members.

Antonio, Integration Consultant

“For me, the balance between my work and personal life is one of the most, if not the most, important thing. You work to live, not live to work. That’s why the flexible schedule and familiar environment makes me feel really comfortable. In my opinion, not losing sight that we’re people and not resources is one of the biggest virtues of Ricston.”

ANTONIO, Senior Integration Consultant, Spain

In order to be able to allow our people some room for flexibility, remote working opportunities, time for training and more – we’ve adopted a nearshore delivery model with the majority of our clients. It’s a win-win for all parties; clients have an opportunity to reduce their costs, and consultants – to plan work around life. Happy employees and happy clients – that is Ricston’s recipe for success!

Davide, Senior Integration Consultant

“Ricston environment is one of the best I’ve ever worked in, and I’m not joking. People are nice, young-minded, for many of us it’s like a second family.”

DAVIDE, Senior Integration Consultant, Malta


A big thanks to everyone who contributed to this series of articles; we hope these interviews have helped our readers to understand more clearly what being an integration consultant means and what a great experience it is to work at Ricston!

We are hiring in the UK, Malta and Spain; if you are interested in working with us, check out our Careers page and drop a line to Erika. If you are not from one of the above locations – make sure to ask about our relocation package.

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