Architectural Maturity Assessment

Is Your Architecture Ready for Digital Transformation?

Over the years, Ricston has assisted many organisations translate business requirements through technology. From tactical projects focusing on specific areas of the business, to an entire transformation, we’ve been there. Nowadays, many organisations are interested in their own digital transformation journey. But do they know if their current infrastructure would be able to support it, or whether they have an appropriate governance model and processes in place?

Adopting a new technology, such as Mulesoft’s Anypoint Platform – is only the first step to successful transformation and needless to say – a significant investment. In order to maximize ROI (return on investment) one has to make sure that technology is continuously used in optimal, efficient way and all features are properly utilised.

Anypoint Platform offers a wide range of possible use cases, one of the most common is an ESB-like integration of all systems using Mule runtime engine. Whereas there is nothing wrong with this approach and the Platform has proven to be a great tool for the job, one might be missing on a multiple benefits that come with adoption of API-led connectivity approach, which enables an underlying vision of a fully connected, digitally composable enterprise.

Ricston’s Architectural Maturity Assessment involves assessing & making recommendations for aligning your MuleSoft integration platform architecture to your strategic business vision. It will detail organisation and process changes required to operate an API-led platform model for delivering digital integration capabilities, thus gaining the benefits of such an approach.

The key deliverable will be a detailed report and an executive presentation that provides Ricston’s assessment as to the customer’s desired connectivity/integration platform maturity, as well as estimates for any tactical housekeeping tasks required to keep the MuleSoft estate current. This may include such tasks as upgrading the customer’s applications, and upgrading the Mulesoft core platform runtime versions.

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