Migrating from Mule v2 to Mule v3

Government sector

A few years back, a government agency adopted Mule ESB v2.0 as a tool to build and administer a program that allows for businesses and organisations to apply for government funding for Research & Development (R&D) projects, through a tax deduction. The goal of the program was to facilitate R&D projects in commercial businesses.

The Problem

In order to administer applications and projects, a custom software solution was developed specifically for this purpose. This system relies heavily on Mule ESB for communications with external systems (message-driven architecture), as well as an internal process engine.
The Mule parts of the software solution were developed using Mule ESB v2.x, but since other systems in the government agency in question have since been built using Mule ESB v3.x, there has been a decision to upgrade all Mule applications to Mule ESB v3.x, in order to make the operation of the systems easier to manage (only one version of Mule at any given time), as well as being able to make use of the functionality provided by Mule ESB v3.x in the further development of the system.

Our Solution

In a nutshell:

  • Ricston migrated all applications from Mule ESB 2.x. to Mule ESB 3.x version
  • Provided cleaning and code optimisation

Ricston consultants drew on our history with Mule – reaching back to Mule ESB v1.x, through v2.x to v3.x today, to assist with the migration of the solution from Mule ESB v2.x to v3.x, in the process cleaning up Mule ESB v2.x code and optimising the solution to leverage new features and functionality in the new release.

Ricston has also prepared an extensive guide for migrating to the Mule ESB v3.5 “Migrating from Mule v2 to v3” that helps to uncover the most significant features introduced in Mule ESB v3.5. Should you wish to download a full migration guide – please fill in the form below.

To download a full Mule 3.5 migration guide, please fill in the below form.

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