Addison Lee’s API-led integration

Ricston delivers a focused consulting service for the leading UK premium transport service provider for business and personal needs

Addison Lee – is a major transport service provider in the UK. As a part of the digital transformation strategy devised to optimise operations, open new revenue streams, improve customer experience and in overall – compete with market disruptors, the company utilises the MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to benefit from an API-led connectivity approach.

Over the past several years Addison Lee has been introducing the Anypoint Platform across all IT functions on-premise and in the cloud. The platform is being used both for integration and API management and it allows connectivity to any application or service without impacting the overall performance of the IT system.

For instance, Addison Lee’s open APIs are designed to give their customers, partners and affiliates the opportunity to integrate the car booking system and other services with third-party applications and services.

We need to build APIs and services that hook seamlessly into our clients’ and partners’ systems,” explained Ian Cohen, CIO @ Addison Lee, in his interview to Computerweekly. “We need to do that bi-directionally to allow allocation and dispatch times to adapt automatically if circumstances change, such as a meeting overrunning or a flight being delayed.”

This allows hotels and flight aggregators to offer the Addison Lee service as part of their journey planner not only in the UK but worldwide – that, in turn, has significantly increased Addison Lee’s addressable market.

Utilising the benefits of the API-led architecture, Addison Lee has been able to reuse API’s to accelerate a rollout of a new car-booking application for mobile and wearables and an app for their taxi drivers.

MuleSoft empowers us to deliver a new standard worldwide connectivity to car-fleet,” said Peter Ingram, CTO @ Addison Lee.

Through the use of a strong internal development team of 60 people, equipped with the Anypoint Platform tooling and reusability concept, the developers were able to decrease integration time from weeks or months to days.

Ricston has been engaged to support the internal team and provide focused consulting services for Addison Lee in the UK at different stages of their digital transformation journey. This involved thought leadership, developing & cataloguing API’s, setting up best practice for API and applications development and testing with the MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform, refactoring and improving API’s along the way and contributing to the company’s Centre for Enablement (C4E).

At the start, Ricston consultants helped Addison Lee team to design open APIs using RAML and implement the requisite integration logic using Mule runtime. When API-led architecture became more mature, Ricston focused on several critical projects, such as Identity Access Management.

The overall goal of the project was to decouple the Identity Access Management (IAM) from the monolith legacy system and to use MuleSoft’s platform to integrate a new dedicated IAM.

Ricston was engaged to develop a secure API-led process, this involved developing of:

  • A system API to provide access to the IAM system.
  • A process API to orchestrate calls to the legacy system and synchronise create/amend/delete accounts functions.
  • Experience APIs for smartphone and web to allow these channels to access the process layer and retrieve the JWT security tokens from the IAM system.

Ricston optimised the delivery process by re-using components that were previously developed in-house, they were refactored and improved to use the new APIs.

Over time, the Ricston team refactored all on-prem APIs to bring them up to consistent standard and migrate to a cloud-based deployment (Cloudhub), in order to turn API’s into reusable digital assets; and further contributed to the companies C4E by implementing other assets including full integration tests triggered as part of the CI process, application testing coverage of 100% and development standards for the in-house team.

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