Open API for a car booking system

Major UK taxi company use case

A major taxi service provider in the UK, have recently turned to MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform to benefit from an API-led connectivity approach. This was a part of their transformation strategy.

Now, thanks to their open API’s, hotel and flight aggregators can offer a taxi service as part of their journey planner – this has drastically increased the company’s addressable market.  In addition, the company has been able to reuse some API’s to accelerate a rollout of a new car booking application for mobile and wearables.

In a nutshell

The company wanted to release Open API, designed to give their customers, partners and affiliates the opportunity to integrate with their car booking system and other services with third-party applications and services.

The company selected MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform as its complete integration platform to build this API. Unlike point-to-point integration, Anypoint Platform allows you to connect any application without impacting overall performance.

Ricston consultants helped to design the API using RAML and implemented the requisite integration logic using Mule ESB – runtime of the Anypoint Platform.

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